The requirements to be considered for an online teaching position include:

  • Native from America or Canada
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Some teaching experience
  • Laptop/computer with reliable internet
  • ** As of December 2016** No minimum working hours required.  You don’t have to work a minimum of 7.5 hours a week. You choose  your schedule and the number of hours you want to work



Pay Scale

The VIPKID pay is great! Average teachers make around $20 USD an hour. They start their teachers off at $7-$9 USD per 25 min class. They also have bonuses for completing your class and for showing up to class. The bonus for showing up to class (attendance) and for finish the class is $1 dollar each per class (which means an additional $2 dollars per class).  So, if you show up, teach the class, and finish the class, that averages out to $9-$11 USD per class and $18-$22 per hour! Not bad for working in pj’s and at home, right?

Getting Hired

The hiring process is listed below


Interview- simple questions and a 15 min mock class

Submit copy of identification

Practicum (Now referred to as mock class)- You teach a 30 min class


Land an Interview

The main reason I see new applicants get turned down is because of their cv. I’ve come across many qualified teachers who have been turned down because of a poor cv. I have some useful tips when putting together your cv. It’s an awesome company and if you are interested in applying, send me an email!


I have been with the company for a long time now and have helped dozens of teachers get hired. Feel free to get in touch with me at I don’t mind helping you put together a killer cv along with helping you answer any questions you might have. I even have some great tips to maximize your pay scale (which is determined during your interview). In my opinion, the company is great and a true blessing. I try and tell every teacher I know about them. Join the team!


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