Considering Online Teaching?

Teaching has never been easier. Some of the main reasons I teach online include zero commute time and a flexible schedule. There is an array of teaching platforms and companies out there to choose from.

When looking into teaching online, from my experience, it is better to start off with an established company. I prefer to choose a company who supplies ready-made material. Another factor to consider is your student’s location. Teaching online also means teaching students from any part of the globe. Knowing your student’s local time is important.



Which Company to choose?

In my experience, VIPKID is the top online teaching platform at the moment. VIPKID is based in China and teaches a North American style curriculum. The available teaching hours range from 9 am Bejing time to 10 pm. Why choose VIPKID? For many reasons! Click on VIPKID under work online for detailed information on the teaching requirements, pay scale, working conditions, and any other FAQ.